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Insightful - Blossom Beautiful [Album]

"Make good beats they say? Give it cool artwork they say? And, what do I get for it!? Just a lousy, no-good, stinkin’ awesome album." Insightful, San Diego producer and plausible Padres fan, just released Blossom Beautiful (his latest album) for free. Here’s what he says about it, “This was created to assist your dreams\\YOU ARE LOVED." [via] (So, no. That opening monologue wasn’t spoken by the electronic beatmaker himself, though, it’s true he did make good beats and gave Blossom Beautiful cool artwork.) The release’s eight tracks act as chamomile for your eardrums—equipped with smothered kick drum hits, dreamy pads and at molasses slow Beats-Per-Minute. I don’t have to be insightful to know you’ll love this album.


ATHALIA, a vocalist from Melbourne busts out her best DOOM mask and kills it on her debut EP due out MAY 14th. THOUGHTCRIME succeeds because her sprawling, sensual vocals breathe on the back of your neck. She smokes out, “Pain gets you high / a place before time / you can feel weightless / this Guinness so tasteless,” and goosebumps pop up.

The release features production from Insightful, 3LLL and fellow Australian Ta-ku. To say I’m pumped for this drop would be a supreme understatement. If “Betterthings” and “Blackrainbows” are to set the tone for what the rest of this album is going to sound like—it’s looking good. Just saying—DOOM mask, sexy vocals, ear for dope beats = my future wifey. I love you ATHALIA! Marry me!