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J Biscuits - Percs & Curses [EP]

Prepare to be cursed. Cursed to listen to one EP, all day, nonstop. Why? Because. (“Lamest curse ever,” says Sekhemkhet.) Percs & Curses is a sunny day, checkered-blanket picnic lifted away by ants. It’s some sort of bizarro, breezy, 75-degree music burrito—a collage of Eastern influences, bossa nova guitar licks and hip-hop, hipity-hop, boom bap jawns. (Enough qualifiers already!) The five-track EP is also home to some dope beats. J Biscuits, Brighton producer keeps his sounds organic. Crisp drums. Reedy sax. It’s a refreshing curse. Press play…if you dare. 

Alphabets Heaven - Boosh [Album]

I’m a big comic fan, but I prefer real life superheroes over those who shoot spiderwebs, fly faster than bullets, etc. Why? I guess I think it’s cooler to see Michael Jordan soaring over his peers, hear war stories and general everyday badassery than reading about caped crusaders kicking peoples’ asses. (Is there a point to all this?) Yeah! Alphabets Heaven isn’t a hero, but he makes some beats that punch. He’s no caped crusader, just a producer from Brighton who creates audible collages. Like the title to his album suggests, Boosh is a smack to the dome. Its seven tracks stutter and robotically march forward stomping out bad vibes as it plays out. You’ll definitely want to peep this release if you’re into spastic glitch-hop. (Insert superhero quip here).