Booddha - Intense / Never Expected [EP]

My girlfriend complains that I only pay attention half the time I’m with her. She’ll say something like, “Seth, could you do this…,” hell, I don’t know (I really don’t pay attention half the time,) but usually I’ll miss something important. ‘Important,’ like, what movie to watch later or where we’re going to eat or some fight with so-and-so at her sorority, (gah) but it’s important. It’s life or death important. I’ll say, “Yeah.” She’ll say, “You’re not listening to me.” I’ll give an elongated, “No, I did, I did listen.” And, then seconds later confess to being a terrible listener sometimes. It’s a daily routine. Long story short: The Fader, Life Crushed and Nialler9 have already talked about Booddha's Intense / Never Expected and I wasn’t paying attention. I missed the EP’s glowing up-pitched vocals, distorted howls, smashing bass and tractor beam-like pads that’ll draw you in. I missed its building, upward structure. I missed something important.  

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