Lee Bannon - Gnarlon Bando’s Midnight Noir [Concept Album]

And…the winner for coolest concept for a beat tape ever goes to…Lee Bannon. Gnarlon Bando’s “Midnight Noir” is what he calls, “an instrumental soundtrack to an imaginary movie.” Sweet. You might know Bannon for his yogurt production work for Deltron da Funkee Homosapien among others. For this release however, he’s doing his own L.A. Noire impression and it’s fucking top-notch genre melding, creative genius. This faux movie goes from the nightshift (there may or may not be a couple incompetent security guards sleeping on the job,) the crime to a damn arcade scene. CAN YOU DIG IT? Yes. Please, someone make this “imaginary” movie come to life.  

Hear the whole movie for yourself: http://leebannon.bandcamp.com/

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